Candied Edible Flowers

Yes, you can eat the flowers! Edible flowers are pretty and unique garnishes for cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Step into your garden and gather those fresh blossoms and sprinkle with a little meringue and a little sugar.

Chocolate Recipes

For the chocoholic in your life. Chocolate comes in many varieties from dark chocolate to the lightest milk chocolate. You’re sure to find a recipe here you will love.

Cake Hints and Tips

So many cakes, yet so little time to bake them all! Butter cakes foam cakes are basic, and the many types of cakes that can be made from these basics are endless…

Making Rolled Fondant

Rolled fondant is the smooth and elegant, white as snow or tinted sugar confection used to cover cakes. It’s easy to make and is melt-in-your mouth delicious…

Cheesecake Hints and Tips

There’s something almost sinful in the richness of a perfect cheesecake. See hints for making creamy cheesecakes and secrets to prevent your cheesecake from cracking…