Welcome to TheBakingPan, a sweet and wonderful baking resource. Browse through recipes and photos of delightful desserts and delicious creations for you to make in your kitchen, along with holiday desserts, tips and techniques, and on-line shopping.

Hi, my name is Carol Arroyo, creator, founder, baker, photographer, writer, and webmaster for The Baking Pan. The Baking Pan was introduced to you January 2008.

I have been baking since around the age of 10, starting with batches and batches and batches of cookies. In fact to this day, cookies are still one of my favorite desserts to bake and eat. My experience comes from a joy of home baking, reading and collecting numerous cooking and baking books, being a wife and mom, and spending many hours in the best room in my home, my kitchen. Many people have told me that I should open my own bakery, but I actually prefer just baking for family and friends, and now sharing with you through TheBakingPan.com.

Do you need to be a professional to bake? Not at all; baking isn’t just for professional bakers in a bakery or restaurant, baking is for everyone. Baking for your friends or family provides love, warmth, and goodness from your own kitchen. Baking a warm dessert, bread, cookie, cake, or pie shows you care, and that you love those you are baking for.

Baking only requires good ingredients, a couple of measuring cups and spoons, a bowl to mix the ingredients, some time, and a little patience.

If this is your first venture into baking start with something easy, such as cookies, and enjoy not only your success but the wonderful smell of something baking in your oven. As you gain confidence and try new recipes, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. So please browse through my recipes, read the information in the Baking Basics pages, find a recipe you would like to try, gather the ingredients together, turn the oven on, and bake something sweet, wonderful, and delicious!